Saturday, August 27, 2011

Open House

So we have had open house this past week and I would like to share some of the things my class featured
So above is the door to my classroom, my theme this year is paisley, polka dots and partridges. So I did a "Partridge Family" door (cause we're a family) with the me being the Mama Partridge and a baby partridge for each kid. I also cut out ovals and used scrapbooking scissors to make them look like cracked eggs, and put them over some left over birds nest from those buddy cut outs that you buy at the teacher store. All with the tag line "Get happy in 4th grade"
This week we have been working with nouns. These spiders had a common noun on the body such as, "spider" and then had proper nouns that matched on each of the eight legs, (i.e. Black Widow, Grand Daddy Long Leg) They were placed on a web with a sign that said, "Our class is weaving webs, of common and proper nouns." This web is drawn on chart paper due to time constraints, but it could be made really cut by twisting bulletin board paper and hot glueing it in a web pattern.
In Science we have been doing the Scientific Method, in addition to a rap that I found on to Nelly's "Just a Dream," thank you Mr. Lee!! :) love his songs. We did a simple experiment using apples to help the kids understand controls, varibles, hypothesis, etc. Using and apple slicer you simply cut the apple into equal slices. The question is "What is the best way to keep an apple fresh?" With the student we go over Test subject A, the apple being left out is the control the apple they will be comparing the rest of the apples to. You place the other slices in different containers as the varibles. (i.e. cling wrap, tissue, zip-loc bag, foil). The students then make observations and record data on the color, softness of the apples, etc and graph that information. Finally, the students come to a conclusion on which apple slice remained the most fresh, and see how that compares to their hypothesis. These apples were done in addition to a longer sheet were they log the information I spoke about above. It is just an apple that ask for the control, varibles, and conclusion. They were hung up in the hall under a sign that read, "Hey Newton, How do you like these apples?"

Oh and if you look in some of the pictures you'll notice the borders hanging. At our school we have those paper slider hanging things, but they are just gray so my teammates and I put border in them and then some colorful paper to put behind students work just to jazz it up. (Mrs. Dunlaps idea)

Hope you find these thing helpful, have a happy standard driven!

Mrs. Beas

Not enough assessment grade teacher blogs

Hi friends, and visitors! I am obsessed with teacher blogs, but I have found that there are not enough blogs by teachers of assessment grade 3-12. I taught 5th grade previously, and I am now a 4th grade teacher, and I just feel like there is a serious lack of resource for us out there. Maybe we don't have time for blogging, or maybe we just get so caught up in trying to teach or kids the standards we forget to help each other. So hopefully by sharing my class ideas, some things my collegues are doing, and forwarding other great things on the internet this will be a great resource for those of us that don't teach the itty bittys. :)