Monday, September 19, 2011

sorry no post yesterday, but here is my tip of the week

Sorry I did not post this Sunday, as I normally do, our principal decide to change our Related Arts and Lunch Schedule for the third time this year. So I spent Sunday completely re-doing my routine. Oh well, as teachers we know we just have to go with the flow, and as Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work!"

So last year I had a really hard time of telling which children had done their homework. We have the students do a working lunch to ensure that they turn in their practice, but I would forget to call out their names before they went to the lunch room, etc. Well thank you to my super smart love her to death colleague Katie Bridges (who sadly got displaced to another school, BOOOOOOO!!!!!).

On each locker you place a magnetic clip. When the students come in the morning the clip their homework to their locker. Now I can quickly glance and see who didn't do their homework. It is also great for turning in work because when I take their work up it is already in alphabetical order for my grade book. Yay!!!
Now next year I am going to splurge on more expensive clips because these dollar store ones sometimes fall of, but those metal ones you buy at wal-mart are amazing. They are more expensive, but you can use them every year so it's an investment. Well I hope this is helpful tip. Stay tune for my post on our chip adjective lesson and fact family projects this week. Wish me luck!!!

May Beasley

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