Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Hello Followers!! So here lately we have been working with Metro School Essential Literature Program and our class recently read Tale of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. This is my favorite book to do with fourth graders, I love it they love it and it is so easy to teach the story elements using this book. One of the skills we worked on was making connections text-text, text-world, and of coarse the easiest to do with book text-self. As part of our text to self connections I have the students do a writing prompt called Tales of a Fourth Grade.....Nothing/Something. After reading the book and discussing how the title of the book comes from how Peter feels like a fourth grade nothing because of Fudge, I have the students brain storm a time when they felt like a fourth grade nothing just like peter. Then they write and illustrate it on a half sheet of paper, then they get to brainstorm about a time they felt like a fourth grade SOMETHING (a time someone went out of their way to make them feel loved and appreciated). I love this lesson, you really get to know your kids, and it really helps them think about the fact that someone does care about them. Here are some examples....(please excuse the spelling errors, they were not counted for spelling on this assignment because I wanted them to focus on the tone and feeling of their writing) :) They did a great job!

hope this a lesson you can share with your class. They loved it!! Talk to you all next time!

Mrs. Beasley


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  2. Do you have a rubric or assessment method that you used? I'm doing the same thing with my 4's! Connections are super easy with this book and they loved it!