Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fish Shoes and Free comic book day

So TCAP is finally over and we are reading Number the Stars. This was the first book a teacher ever made me read that I loved and read a second time so I love when I get to do it with my students. As many of you know in Chapter 4, Kirsti has to get fish shoes because of the rations on leather during WWII. So my kids designed their own fish shoes, and had to trade and have another student write a descriptive paragraph about the shoes. Here are some of the shoes.

Also, I meant to post this last week before the state test, but it became very frantic. So that test review wouldn't be so boring, I tried to mix it up a bit this year. So during one of our test prep Powerpoints I gave each student a plate and put some chocolate syrup on it. They used their finger to write the answer in the chocolate. If they got the answer right they could lick their finger, if they got it wrong they had to wipe of the chocolate in their napkin. (I know I am so mean..tee hee.) They loved it and it made them not get so burnt out on review.

Okay in personal news today was free comic book day!!!! I love comics and they had 50 cent back issues. Only 50 cents, plus I was able to get up to 10 free comics for my classroom library. Comic are a great way to get my little boys to read, so that is another great thing. Anyways, I never really share about my personal life, but this was something that excited me and I wanted to let you all see so here are some pics of my small, but growing comics and statue collection.

Below are my large statues...ladies do yo see the one that says Huntress she is my Favorite Super Hero because get this during the day she is a teacher!!! That's right a teacher. So cool.

Okay this set here are the minis and the pop figures. I collect wonder woman stuff, so I have all her goodies: cup, teacher bag, snack canister, etc. Love it!
Finally here are my comics, almost all are Bird of Prey and Secret Six they are written by a lady named Gail Simone. She is one of the few respected woman writers in comics, so go girl go. and of coarse I have some Wonder woman in there. :)
So there you guys are lesson plans, and a glimpse into my nerdyness. Hope you have a great weekend and great end to the school year. Also, I hope you all go see the Avengers Assemble this week because it is awesome. Thanks for Reading.

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