Thursday, November 10, 2011

Long Time No Post, Freebies to make up for it :)

Okay so I'm so sorry I have not been able to blog lately, I don't know if anyone has been reading the papers or watching the National News, but Tennessee's new evaluation system is really different from our old one, so we have a lot of meeting, and we have to write and turn in really long lesson plans. So I am really sorry, but to make it up to you I am going to try and post some freebies.

First I have a recording sheet for a game that I came up with when teaching Predators, Prey, and Competition. Originally I wanted to just use a Hungry, Hungry, Hippos game to illustrate that you would get more the less player (predators) there are. Well Hungry, Hungry, Hippos cost 20 bucks a piece and it was not going to happen on a teachers salary. So I  came up with a game called Hungry, Hungry, Birds. 

Each student will have cup (stomach) in front of them with Two Spoons in it (bird beak) or my teaching partner used straws for her beaks (the kids had to suck up the food). The student dump a cup full of counters (prey) in the middle of their circle. The students must try to get as many counters (prey) as they can into their cups (stomach) as possible only using their spoons/straw (bird beaks) until all the couters (prey) is gone. They students then record who ate the most food, and how much did they eat. The player with the least is out (dies) of starvation. After everyone has played, we discussed wheather the number of prey the winner was getting increased or decreased and why they students thought that was. Synthesis OoooOooo!! lol. Then we discussed what might happen if we added more predators to the mix. If you would to do this and use the recording sheet, please click on the link below.  Sorry I don't know how to make the picture the link.

Also, we did a fun game in Math called Line and Angle Hunters after finishing learning lines and angle we searched our hallway for real life examples. My little angles loved, loved, loved it. Here is the recorder sheet for that if you would like to do it. It has the instructions on it. Like I said sorry the link isn't the picture.

Oh we also did greatest common factor turkeys. You all are so good with your designs, you put me to shame. I don't know how to use photoshop so I just draw and copy, but I think that my drawing turned out okay, and the kids didn't seem to mind. Here is that if you would like to do your own with all you guys crazy Photoshop and Vistaprint skills.
Aren't they cute my kids really liked this way of organizing their facts and coming up with common factors.

More, More, More, okay so we also have been reading the book Shiloh, So I decided that my kids could do a dog research project. They had to make a poster and give a speech it was great. One of my main goals was to get my kids to use book and not just the Internet, and I did mini-lesson on reference books, appropriate source, etc. It was great well, if you would like to do a similar project here is a link to the rubric I used to grade my kids, and the concept of the lesson.
Outline - We wrote this together to help guide their research

Here are some of there posters
I love the Border Collie saying the facts about Border Collies. So Cute.
And here is a sample of one of the papers. Take into account this is one of my highest students, who attends gifted classes.

Well  I think that is plenty to mull over. I hope the freebies make up for my lack of blogging the last couple of weeks, and I hope you all continue to read. Have a great time with your kiddos!!

Mrs. Beasley

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