Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Science Workshop, and SMART SWAG

Soooo, my summer has not actually summer since I spent my entire month of June in PD, but hey its what we do for a better classroom.

However while I was in PD something awesome happened I was inspired to design a new Science block. Teachers please keep in mind at my school we are departmentalized and now only teach Science and Social Studies (but if I see something awesome in one of the other subject areas I will blog about it just for you guys) :)

Back to Science, oh my ADD. Anyway I thought of making a Science workshop, the lesson would begin with inquiry minutes (what questions do we still have), then Vocabulary review game, then lesson and language objective overview, and then the students would break into 4 rotations

1. Guided Practice (with the teacher)
2. Seat Work
3. Hands-on (perfect for Science)
4. Research (At this station the students will use books, etc. to find the answers to the questions we have come up with in our inquiry minutes and site them (good R/LA practice)

Finally we will have a closure activity.

I feel like it is going to make my classroom even more student driven!! HOORAY!

Here is a picture of the pieces for the board I am making

inspired by this board from Clutterfree Classroom . Her site is awesome the one she did is Math, but I thought it could work with Science.

Here is are my pieces they are done picking which room in mine yet so it will have to wait to go up.
I also was inspired by another teacher Mrs. Brown at Mrs. Brown's Blog, and made something else this week. A no name board to hold no name papers. Mine is not quite as cute, but it will do.


And finally my most exciting project that I have really thought about, and was just able to complete. EEEEEE!!! This one is from Dandelions and Dragonflies she gives her kids Smart Beads for various things, so I thought I would put my own twist on it.

and wait for it mine..........................SMART SWAG!!! OMG!!
I got the idea by watching the The NBA playoffs, and these men where seen like this, and then every time I go to the mall all the kids are wearing them. 
(all of the above images were from google images)

So I asked local movie theaters to donate their use 3D glasses and painted them, and Viola. I also left some of them black. Different theaters have different types of 3D glasses, so be aware. My favorite to use are the Real D kind that I am wearing above.

Anyways I'm sure that is enough for today. Thank you again for reading!!

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