Monday, December 12, 2011

Chritmas Trees wishes, and gingerbread dreams

Hey everybody so I have some stuff for you all today. Oh yes, I am in the Christmas Spirit as it is our last week of school before break!!

This week and last week we have been working on decimal representation: word, standard, expanded, model, and fractional. I know ugh right! Well my kids don't think so, I have tried to be upbeat about fraction and decimals and it has seemed to rub off on them. Well today we, "Trimmed some trees with Decimals,"

that is the link to the template. Anyway each pair had three trees, they had to put the stars on top of each tree and then use the ornaments to do the other forms of the decimal.
gingerbread man- expanded
round ornament - word
long ornament - fraction
presents- model

Then they had to paste the trees in order from greatest to least. Here are how they turned out.
I won't put a bunch of pictures, but everyone this time did it correctly and it was a fun way to see if they are getting it.

Okay, so also not to long ago I saw on Blog Hoppin' a teacher did a project for younger kids called turkey in disguise (sorry I don't remember the teacher, but she is so smart). So we decided since I saw it too late, to do Gingerbread men in disguise for our Christmas writing prompt. The students are currently working on stories about how they woke up and they found a gingerbread man running for his life and asking for help. In their story they must tell about how they disguised him, what they disguised him as, and how they helped him escape certain peril. They are having such a good time, they begged for extra writing time today. Anyway here are some of the gingerbread men in disguise, these are not all from my class. Our whole fourth grade is doing this project.

 aren't they adorable, these are just a few. There were way too many to choose from. Hopefully when they are done with the writing piece I can post some of those.

I hope you all have an amazing last week before break, and as always thanks for reading!

Mrs. B

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