Saturday, December 10, 2011

New computer = more post, Hooray!!

 I GOT A NEW COMPUTER!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! okay anyway down to business.

I wanted to post I writing prompt that I did with my students a while back. While readying the book Shiloh, when my students went out of the room for related arts I put a picture of a puppy on each of their desk. (The puppy pictures are from the When the returned I gave them the prompt.

Just like Marty you have found a puppy, now you must convince your parent to let you keep it. Before we started writing we went over the different ways to persuade: guilt, flattery, etc. After writing and proofreading, I had the students glue their final drafts along with their puppy picture to construction paper and decorate. Here are some of the pictures. The students really loved it and it was a great way to get them into persuasive writing.

 Alright this my a cool thing that actually one of my students came up with. So for erasers I buy lots of felt because it cost like nothing and this is what they use to erase their practice mats (my alternative to white board: just a piece of card stock inside of a sheet protector). Back on track Cassie Focus!! Okay so the felt we use for erasers. I am checking their practice mat one day, and I notice one of my sweet angles has attached the felt to the end of her marker with a rubber band, and BAM dry erase marker with an eraser. So now all my kids have one except for those who can not handle the rubber band, their felt is hot glued on.

OoOoOo!!! Right!!!

Thank you all again for stopping by and please tell you teacher friends about my blog!! Thanks for following!

Mrs. B


  1. Great idea with the felt on the end of the markers! I use felt too but my kids are going through markers like they are water!!! I'm not sure what to do...I keep buying the Dollar Tree ones but those don't last and the Expo ones are soooo expensive.....hmmmm. Love your puppy papers:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Thank you Tara, I wish it was my idea, the kids teach me so much lol! Yeah mine do go through markers, we started putting them on the supply list so that we get a bunch at the beggining of the year, and when I run out I put mine in my newsletter. I think because the parents know the markers are for student use they don't mind donating. Also, our class wrote to Wal-mart last year, asking for a donation of Expo markers. They donated a box of them, when they recieved 24 for letter from eager to learn fourth graders. :)